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To ensure proper protection during transport, handling and storage of PE fittings, the following requirements must be met:

each fitting should be packed separately in a tightly closed polyethylene bag

the fittings should be stored in a dry and ventilated room, horizontally on a flat and even surface

fittings absolutely must not be exposed to direct sunlight, precipitation and large temperature differences

the fittings should be protected against damage during transport

Compliance with the above requirements by customers allows for the compliance of fittings with the requirements of the following standards:

PN-EN 1555-3 + A1: 2013-05 “Plastic piping systems for the transmission of gaseous fuels. Polyethylene. Fittings.”

PN-EN 12202-3 + A1: 2013-05 “plastic piping systems for water supply, pressure drainage and sewerage. Polyethylene. Fittings.”

In compliance with the above-mentioned requirements, we give a 7-YEAR WARRANTY FOR OUR PRODUCTS FROM THE DATE OF PRODUCTION.

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